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The program will include three invited talks, oral presentations of referred contributions, a student-paper track as well as industry presentations and demonstrations.

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Wednesday, 10.5.2017

10:00 Registration

Opening ARW / Keynote Session Chair: Andreas Müller (JKU Linz)

11:00 Harold Artes (robart GmbH) Our future with consumer robotics and what we can do to make it happen Festsaal
12:00 Markus Vincze Potentialstudie Robotik in Österreich Festsaal
12:30 Lunch


Session Chair: Gerald Steinbauer (TU Graz)

13.45 A1 Michael Pieber and Johannes Gerstmayer A framework for cellular robots with tetrahedral structure Festsaal
14.05 A2 Jesús Pestana, Michael Maurer, Daniel Muschick, Devesh Adlakha, Horst Bischof and Friedrich Fraundorfer Package Delivery Experiments with a Camera Drone Festsaal
14.25 A3 Stefan Loigge, Clemens Mühlbacher, Gerald Steinbauer, Stephan Gspandl and Michael Reip A Model‐Based Fault Detection; Diagnosis and Repair for Autonomous Robotics systems Festsaal
14.45 A4 Stefan Gadringer, Christoph Stöger and Florian Hammer Visual Localization System for Agricultural Vehicles in GPS ‐Obstructed Environments Festsaal
15:05 Coffee Foyer

Poster/Industrial Spotlight Session Chair: Wilfried Kubinger (FH Technikum Wien)

15:35 B1 Clemens Sulz and Markus Trenker Development of a fully automated tuning system for organ pipes Festsaal
15:40 B2

Thomas Haspl, Claudio Capovilla, Alfred Rinnhofer, Victor J Exposito Jimenez, Stefan Maier, Matthias Völkl,

Manfred Zarnhofer, Robert A. Jöbstl, Erhard Pretterhofer, Bernhard Dieber and Herwig Zeiner

RobWood ‐ Smart Robotics for Wood Industry Festsaal
15:45 B3 Alexander Pagonis, Clemens Mühlbacher, Gerald Steinbauer, Stephan Gspandl and Michael Reip Task‐Dependent Configuration of Robotics Systems Festsaal
15:50 B4 Konstantin Lassnig, Clemens Mühlbacher, Gerald Steinbauer, Stephan Gspandl and Michael Reip An Autonomous Transportation Robot for Urban Environments Festsaal
15:55 B5 Markus Ikeda, Gerhard Ebenhofer, Jürgen Minichberger, Andreas Pichler, Andreas Huber, Astrid Weiss and Gerald Fritz User Centered Assistive Robotics for Production ‐ Human Robot Interaction Concepts in the AssistMe project Festsaal
16:00 B6 Marcel Zeilinger, Raphael Hauk, Markus Bader and Alexander Hofmann Design of an Autonomous Race Car for the Formula Student Driverless (FSD) Festsaal
16:05 B7 Florian Fuchslocher, Martin Rambausek, Wilfried Kubinger and Bernhard Peschak Concept and implementation of a tele‐operated robot for ELROB 2016 Festsaal
16:10 B8 Marco Wallner, Clemens Mühlbacher, Gerald Steinbauer, Sarah Haas, Thomas Ulz and Jakob Ludwiger A Robust and Flexible Software Architecture for Autonomous Robots in the Context of Industrie 4.0 Festsaal
16:15   Poster demonstrations   Festsaal
17:00 Mitgliederversammlung des IEEE RAS Austria Chapter tbd.


Thursday, 11.5.2017

08:00 Registration

Keynote Session Chair: Markus Vincze (TU Wien)

09:00 Pedro Sanz (Universitat Jaume) Recent Achievements in Underwater Intervention Systems: the Role of Perception & Robotic Manipulation Festsaal
10:00 Coffee Foyer

Session Chair: Mathias Brandstötter (JR Robotics)

10:30  C1 Georg Halmetschlager‐Funek, Markus Suchi, Martin Kampel and Markus Vincze  Xtion’s Gone! What’s Next? An Evaluation of Eight Different Depth Sensors for Robotic Systems  Festsaal 
10:50  C2 Justinas Miseikis, Matthias Rüther, Bernhard Walzel, Mario Hirz and Helmut Brunner  3D Vision Guided Robotic Charging Station for Electric and Plug ‐in Hybrid Vehicles Festsaal
11:10 C3 Thomas Varhegyi, Martin Melik‐Merkumians, Michael Steinegger, Georg Halmetschlager‐Funek and Georg Schitter A Visual Servoing Approach of a Six Degrees ‐of‐Freedom Industrial Robot by RGB‐D Sensing Festsaal
11:30 C4 Inka Brijacak, Saeed Yahyanejad, Bernhard Reiterer and Michael Hofbaur Toward Safe Perception in Human‐Robot Interaction Festsaal
11:50 Lunch Foyer

Opening OAGM / Keynote Session Chair: Peter M. Roth (TU Graz)

13:00  Daniel Cremers (TU München) Dense & Direct Methods for 3D Reconstruction & Visual SLAM Festsaal

Session Chair: Martin Welk (UMIT)

14:00 D1 Kiru Park, Johann Prankl, Michael Zillich and Markus Vincze Pose Estimation of Similar Shape Objects using Convolutional Neural Network trained by Synthetic data Festsaal
14:20 D2 Lukas Knoch and Mathias Lux Confusing Similarity between Visual Trademarks: A Dataset Based on USTTAB Examinations Festsaal
14:40 D3 Markus Oberweger, Vincent Lepetit, Paul Wohlhart and Gernot Riegler Feedback Loop and Accurate Training Data for 3D Hand Pose Estimation Festsaal

Coffee + Poster Session Chair: Robert Sablatnig (TU Wien)

15:00 E1 Dmytro Kotsur, Rudolf Leube, Reinhard Windoffer and Julian Mattes Active contour models for individual keratin filament tracking Festsaal
15:00 E2 Peter Henoeckl Reading of an Analog Liquid Level Gauge on an Oil Platform with a Mobile Robot using 2‐D Images Festsaal
15:00 E3 Gernot Stuebl, Thomas Poenitz, Harald Bauer and Andreas Pichler Novel Human Machine Interaction with Sticky Notes for Industrial Production Festsaal
15:00 E4 Simon Brenner, Sebastian Zambanini and Robert Sablatnig Image Registration and Object Detection for Assessing Unexploded Ordnance Risks ‐ A Status Report of the DeVisOR Project Festsaal
15:00 E5 Manuel Keglevic and Robert Sablatnig FORMS – Forensic Marks Search Festsaal
15:00 E6 Xiaoying Tan, Volkmar Wieser, Stefan Lustig and Bernhard A. Moser Riemannian Manifold Approach to Scheimpflug Camera Calibration for Embedded Laser‐Camera Application Festsaal

Session Chair: Mathias Lux (AAU Klagenfurt)

16:00 F1 Gernot Stuebl, Christoph Heindl, Harald Bauer and Andreas Pichler  On Quality Assurance of 3D Bust Reconstructions  Festsaal
16:20 F2 Malte Philip Jaschik, Alfred Rinnhofer and Martina Uray  An Image Analysis System for selective recovery of non‐ferrous metal Festsaal
16:40 F3 Daniel Gruber, Harald Ganster and Robert Tanzer  Automated Quality Assessment of Remelted Steel Ingots Festsaal
17:00 F4  Andreas Schönfelder, Roland Perko, Karlheinz Gutjahr and Mathias Schardt Fusion of Point Clouds derived from Aerial Images Festsaal
17:30 OAGM General Assembly tbd.

Social Event

19:00 Conference dinner Heuriger Maly, Sandgasse 8, 1190 Wien

Friday, 12.5.2017

Session Chair: Harald Ganster (Joanneum Research)

09:00 G1 Martin Welk Superresolution Alignment with Innocence Assumption: Towards a Fair Quality Measurement for Blind Deconvolution Festsaal
09:20 G2 Thomas Neff, Christian Payer, Darko Štern and Martin Urschler Generative Adversarial Network based Synthesis for Supervised Medical Image Segmentation Festsaal
09:40 G3 Thomas Pinetz, Daniel Soukup, Reinhold Huber‐Mörk and Robert Sablatnig Using a U‐Shaped Neural Network for minutiae extraction trained from refined, synthetic fingerprints Festsaal
10:00 G4 Dominik Hirner, Svorad Stolc and Thomas Pock Photometric Stereo in Multi‐Line Scan Framework under Complex Illumination via Simulation and Learning Festsaal
10:30 Coffee Foyer

Session Chair: Svorad Stolc (AIT)

11:00 H1 Anil Armagan, Martin Hirzer, Peter M. Roth and Vincent Lepetit 3D Localization in Urban Environments from Single Images Festsaal
11:20 H2 Thomas Rittler, Matej Nezveda, Florian Seitner and Margrit Gelautz  Depth‐guided Disocclusion Inpainting for Novel View Synthesis  Festsaal
11:40 H3 Manfred Klopschitz, Gerald Lodron, Gerhard Paar and Niko Benjamin Huber Line Processes for Highly Accurate Geometric Camera Calibration Festsaal
12:00 H4 Simon Schreiberhuber, Thomas Mörwald and Markus Vincze  2.5D Plane Segmentation done quick: An analyisis of the Bilateral Tangential Filter  Festsaal
12:30   Markus Vincze (TU Wien)  Closing ceremony  Festsaal


  • Thursday, May 11th 2017 at 7pm
  • Buffet with Austrian cuisine and beverages (wine, beer, coffee, water, schnaps etc.)
  • Location:
    • Heuriger Hans Maly
    • Sandgasse 8
    • 1190 Vienna
  • How to get there
    • Walk from Palais Eschenbach to the subway station U2 Museumsquartier.

    • Take the U2 (direction: Seestadt/Aspernstrasse) to Schottentor.
    • At Schottentor, take the tram number 38 to Grinzing (the last station).
    • Walk from Grinzing to Heuriger Hans Maly.

Our future with consumer robotics and what we can do to make it happen